What We Can Do

25 years of experience for handling “Flexible Container Bags”.
Business with over 30,000 companies to deliver products

Fukunaga Engineering has thorough knowledge to solve various problems. Moreover, we develop new manufacturing of flexible container bags.
Not only do we solve all sorts of problems at work sites, but we also propose the best solution to various companies for purchasing products from worldwide markets and for international transportation of products between Japan and overseas factories.
Let us introduce part of our efforts to carry out the best model and the best prices for the customers.

Meet the Needs

Pursuing only a reduction in cost will result in a bad effect on operations and safety issues.
Therefore Fukunaga Engineering will design the quality standard based on your needs and your current situation

Further Peace of Mind

Fukunaga Engineering ties up with major insurance companies to indemnify
losses or damages in any country.

What we did:
Manufacturing Performance

Type of Business: Chemical industry

Use: Export to overseas

Content: Synthetic Resin

What we did:
Improve transport efficiency

(Improve maximum load in containers)

Type of Business: Food Manufacturing

Use: Export to overseas

Content: Raw materials of Food

What we did:
Take measures to prevent contamination with a foreign substance.

Type of Business: Construction industry

Use: Transport dirt at construction sites

Content: Sand

What we did: Take measures for safety

Type of Business: Paint manufacturing

Use: Product shipment

Content: Final product of paint

What we did:

Improve efficiency for shipping and receiving goods

Type of Business: Agriculture

Use: Ship grains and Rice

Content: Grains and rice

What we did:
Improve distribution efficiency

Type of Business: Governmental relations

Use: Countermeasures against disasters

Content: Sand

What we did:
Meet the deadline for emergency delivery

Type of Business: Automobile industry

Use: Drain paint sludges

Content: Paint sludges

What we did:
Decrease the water content out of Painting Sludge