Feelings of Fukunnaga Engineering

Fukunaga Engineering Company, as one of the users, has been deeply involved with tires of industrial vehicles and flexible container bags at the actual operation sites of the metal recycling industry, in which we originally started our business.

In the course of our business, we provide a streamlined plan to our Japanese customers’ business. Other than the sale of products, we have also made proposals to improve business efficiency and the cut-down of cost by utilizing our flexible container bags.

Moreover, we have started operating overseas in Vietnam since 2014. The Vietnam Fukunaga Engineering Company is our overseas affiliated company.

Utilizing its favorable location, Vietnam Fukunaga Engineering is popular not only among Japanese subsidiary companies, but also among the local Vietnamese companies by providing operational efficiency at the site with Fukunaga flexible container bags.

Connect with people to bring happiness


Fukunaga Engineering continues to make added value and differentiation factors for our unique customers and society. We are thinking to continue creating a thick connection between not only our customers, supporters and the society, but also between our individual employees and the company as a whole. However, this is a very difficult thing to do.
It is difficult to create something completely new out of nothing, but our company challenges our customers and society to face hardships and do work that is tough. By doing so, the connection thickens and becomes a bond, and our company believes that this is necessary for our customers and the society.
With everyone involved, becoming a company capable of life without regrets, it becomes possible to enjoy working while getting a sense of fulfillment and getting excited every day.

Overseas Prospectives

From Japan to the world

Since the Japanese Market is shrinking, sooner or later the business of selling only products will come to an end. Fukunaga Engineering will pursue the differentiating factors from the point of view of our customers.
In other words, we passionately search the reasons why customers select Fukunaga at the site. We will aggressively expand our business in ASEAN together with the Japan market, so that we will be able to support our overseas customers, whose factories operate internationally.
We will target an ordinary profit of more than 50% from abroad. As far as specifics go, within 10 years from now on, we will secure our business sites starting from Vietnam to other countries, so that we will be able to meet the needs of our customers who are expanding overseas operations. We will provide industrial materials (flexible container bags and solid tires) to the factories of our overseas customers in a stress-free way, which will make them think as if they were in Japan.
Fukunaga is proud of itself as a true fabless maker.
We are holding control over the outsourcing of manufacturing, the best quality relative to the price, and we have confidence in our safe delivery system. We will establish the position of an indispensable maker, which provides stress-free services for the Japanese factories overseas, with essential industrial materials.
From now on, Japanese-affiliated factories will grow rapidly overseas, and the technology of the Japanese factories will evolve daily at an accelerating rate at people’s homes. Following this evolving speed, we gather up wisdom and go forward to develop our business overseas and compatible within Japan.